Controversy over event overblown

Over the past several days, there has been much controversy in Nashua about an event that is scheduled for 4 p.m. Saturday at the Nashua Public Library.

The program – Drag Queen Teen Time with special guest Monique Toosoon – has many questioning library officials over their thought process in brining such a show to the venue.

Library Director Jen McCormack wrote to The Telegraph in an email on Wednesday that, “A program like this is an excellent way for anyone to get accurate, first-hand information about a current topic that gets a lot of coverage in the media.”

McCormack went on to write, “Like any of our programs, it is strictly voluntary, and we expect that families will make decisions for their own children about whether they may attend. I know that this program will not be welcomed by everyone, but I stand by it as an appropriate and timely program for our teens.”

Unfortunately, many equate drag shows and drag queens with sex and pornography. That simply is not the case – far from it.

Toosoon told The Telegraph, that her goal is to be a role model for kids and to help people feel comfortable with who they are. She also noted the high rate of suicides in the country among the teenage population, and noted her own hardships as a child.

It’s obvious Toosoon’s intentions are well placed and from the heart. Those who think the event is going to be anything other than teen-friendly are absolutely wrong.

The library always has been a beacon in this community, bringing a myriad of programs to local residents at no cost.

This is another example of that, a program to both educate and enlighten – and yes, entertain – local residents and teens.

The library should be praised for their efforts, and Toosoon should be thanked for her willingness to serve as a role model.

This kind of small-minded thinking should not exist in our community.