Rail will help city move forward

Tuesday night the Nashua Board of Aldermen sent the Rail Transit Committee Report to the Committee on Infrastructure for consideration and study.

This is yet – hopefully – another milestone in the process of brining commuter rail service to the Gate City.

The Committee on Infrastructure should carefully and thoroughly comb through the documents and report back to the full Board of Aldermen with – again, hopefully – a favorable recommendation. The Committee is set to meet at 7 p.m. on Jan. 23.

One thing is for sure already, commuter rail service in Nashua is long overdue and greatly needed.

Economically, it will provide a needed boost for the city, both in terms of bringing outside dollars in via tourism and housing, but it also will provide our residents with more options when it comes to visiting Boston and other areas for both work and play.

Opponents of the service say that it will take dollars away from our city; however, it is far more likely that it will have the opposite impact, due to sheer volume of travelers, not to mention the convenience to our own residents.

Commuter rail service is a must if the city is to move forward and grow. The benefits far outweigh any negative impact, and will only make Nashua an even greater.