Please be courteous and kind

This time next week, many families throughout the Granite State will be busy preparing their Thanksgiving feasts and opening their homes to loved ones from near and far.

After a filling meal and some time on the couch, many also will be ready to hit the highways for Plaid and Black Friday shopping excursions.

Thousands upon thousands will be out in the cold weather traversing from store to store to find the best deals and kick off the Christmas shopping season.

When out on these shopping trips, we would like to encourage – and remind – people of two all-important things.

First, it is the season of giving. When out bargain hunting, let us not forget those less fortunate in Greater Nashua. Whether its picking up a couple extra board games, small toys or warm clothing, any item – not matter how big or small – can go a long way in brightening the holiday season for someone in need.

This also includes food items, which any local food pantry would be grateful to receive at this time of year. No one should go hungry during the holidays, and even a few cans of food can make all the difference in the world.

Second, we encourage people to be kind, courteous and patient during this busy time of year.

The hustle and bustle – and the potential for a good deal – can be alluring, but please be mindful of your neighbors, especially on the roadways.

Nothing – even the greatest of bargains – is worth your life.

So, please slow down, be patient and help those around you by being vigilant when traveling.

This, combined with giving to others, will make this holidays season a special and memorable time.