New structure will be a great addition

The Milford town history says that the remains of the old stone ediface on Tonella Road were once the office of Tonella and Sons, but if you look at photos and let your mind run free, they could be almost anything.

Plans call for the building to be disassembled and moved to the east entrance of Keyes Memorial Park to be used as a stage, and quite a stage these stones will make. Look at them as if you were thinking back to ancient Rome or Greece, see the actors in Sophocles’ “Antigone” or in Seneca’s “Agamemnon” strutting their stuff in front of enthusiastic crowds. Stretch your imagination. See it?

Soon these stones will become what has been described as a three-sided structure with windows and doors, reconstructed block by block.

The site where they now sit will be developed into multi-family housing and the developers are donating the stone to the town.

We are not quite sure yet what will take place once this stage is built, but perhaps it could be a venue for the Milford Area Players or for dance productions produced by local studios. Really, almost anything artistic is possible.

The theater will be named for a member of the deMontigny family, which is developing the Tonella Road property and donating the stones. Kent Chappell and Steve Talarico are donating equipment and services to move the stone, and Talarico will receive half of it in return.

We agree with Milford Town Administrator Mark Bender who called the soon-to-be theater “a terrific addition to the town,” and we suspect it will be a rare, if not unique, ediface in New Hampshire, something that could bring more folks to visit.