Stop the shenanigans

Earlier in the summer, we urged Nashua Board of Education members to conduct their meetings in a more civil manner. We asked them to consider their purpose, in addition to the fact they should serve as quality role models for administrators, teachers and students.

Apparently, some did not get the message.

According to board President Dotty Oden, police officers responded to the Sept. 10 meeting after board member Howard Coffman engaged in a “temper tantrum” by getting down on all fours and yelling during a closed-door portion of the session.

“We were speechless. Mortified,” Oden told our reporter.

“I’ve never been a part of anything like this,” Oden added. “We’re supposed to be there for the kids… this is bad behavior from elected officials.”

Coffman declined to discuss the matter with The Telegraph, other than to claim the board is “dysfunctional” when in non-public sessions.

This is far from the first dispute among board members which led to a police response. In June and July, Oden asked Nashua Police Chief Andrew Lavoie to provide officers to stand guard during meetings.

We are not sure why there is so much tension among board members, but we are certain this type of behavior must stop. The taxpayers, administrators, teachers, service personnel and students of the Nashua School District deserve better.

We emphatically implore board members Oden, Coffman, Gloria Timmons, Raymond Guarino, Doris Hohensee, William Mosher, Susan Porter, Heather Raymond and Elizabeth Van Twuyver to conduct themselves in a more professional manner moving forward. Members who cannot put the interests of the district ahead of their own should find something else to do at the completion of their terms.