Take care of yard debris

An ordinance under consideration in Nashua could result in fines of up to $1,000 for those who place yard debris – namely grass clippings, leaves and branches – in the street.

City leaders have said this ordinance, which still requires final passage by the Board of Aldermen, would merely extend to yard debris regulations which have been in place for snow and ice.

“No person shall by himself or his agent or agents throw, push, blow or put any snow, ice, or yard debris, including but not limited to leaves, branches, and grass clippings, into the right-of-way of any way, street, lane, alley, or sidewalk,” the ordinance states.

Nashua Corporation Counsel Steven Bolton and Alderman Michael O’Brien Sr. said they do not anticipate many $1,000 fines. The amount would be determined by a judge, Bolton said.

“I don’t think that would happen. I think the likely fine is in the $100 range,” Bolton said regarding $1,000 fines.

O’Brien said enforcement will likely come when someone purposefully places yard debris in the roadway, rather than if the wind clearly blew the material into the street.

We believe most property owners do their best to keep yard clippings out of the street. However, those who do not should take this as their warning.

We hope this ordinance promotes a sense of civic pride and duty. One should want to keep his or her yard in good condition.

However, we also hope city officials do not approach the matter with a heavy hand. We hope there are no fines issued for a few leaves or branches that may have blown into the street with a gust of wind.