Well done, Artists Association

Saturday and Sunday, Nashua’s Greeley Park was filled with thousands of people partaking in one of the city’s biggest arts events of the year.

The 65th Greeley Park Arts Show, hosted by the Nashua Area Artists Association, was a resounding success, even thought Mother Nature paid a short visit to the area on Saturday.

The milestone event showcased more than 60 artists who displayed and sold paintings, sketches, glasswork, jewelry, photography and more.

“We are so fortunate to have so much talent in our community,” said Lauren Boss, president of the executive board of the Nashua Area Artists Association. “It’s like going through a museum.”

The sheer talent on display at the event truly was amazing, as is the work that Boss and many other put in throughout the year to produce an event of this size.

In fact, there will be little rest for NAAA members, as planning will be underway for the 66th annual show in short order.

Planning that will make future events even better – and bigger.

“It’s grown immensely. When we first started, we hung our arts on snow fences, no tents, and when it rained, we’d just throw tarps over the fence. So it’s changed a lot now with the tents, and it’s grown,” said NAAA treasurer Pat Silva.

That continued growth should show not only local residents, but city and state officials that arts in Nashua is a viable economic engine. The city – and the Granite State – is fortunate to have so many talented artists and so many that support their endeavors.

This support includes the downtown performing arts center, another soon-to-be destination for art lovers all over the region.

Enough can not be said about the work done by the Nashua Area Artists Association and the many other groups that support and promote the many hard-working individuals who produce pieces we all can enjoy.