It’s time for a decision

It is time for the Milford selectmen to fish or cut bait on the issue of what to do with the sprawling industrial complex at 127 Elm St., a building that two of the five board members believe should be renovated and that a committee that issued a report two years ago believes should be torn down to make way for more recreation fields.

It should, the committee said, be replaced by a smaller and building, built for the needs of the town recreation and located close to Keyes pool.

What is the point of asking citizens to serve and study an issue if officials are not going to act upon its recommendations?

Certainly, because any committee recommends anything is no guarantee that officials will simply go along, although in this case with think Milford selectmen should. But any committee would, and should, expect a decision one way or another. Doing nothing but talking for two years shows indecisiveness, never a good look for public officials.

Renovating the building would cost $2.8 million, according to Turnstone Corp. Tearing it down and building a new facility would cost $3.8 million, but that is for a building the same size as the existing one and recreation officials say they need one less than half that size.

They need a more accurate estimate, one for a 12,000 square foot building.

Whatever the town decides to do, neither renovation nor demolition is going to cost less next year or two years from now or whenever the selectmen finally make a decision.

The study committee has made it clear that renovation would compromise the building’s usefulness in meeting the needs of the town’s recreation needs.

The issue will be discussed again at the board’s Aug. 20 meeting. Is there any hope that a decision will come then? Given where the board has gotten so far on this issue, we have our doubts.

The board needs to hear from Milford residents, particularly those interested in recreation and senior citizen issues.