Obama policy takes hit

Former President Barack Obama’s attempt to establish an imperial presidency running roughshod over Congress took another hit this week.

You may remember Obama’s comment that regardless of what Congress wanted, he would get things done with his pen and phone. He was not as open about some of the tactics he used in an attempt to defeat the separation of powers doctrine that is the heart of our system of government.

Once it became obvious the promises he made about Obamacare could not be kept, the former president moved decisively to cover up his lack of candor. One of his tactics was to send billions of dollars to health insurance companies in exchange for them holding premiums down.

That was illegal. Congress never appropriated the money. Obama was behaving as if he were a king who could spend when he liked.

In 2016, a federal judge ruled Obama was acting unconstitutionally in making the payments to insurance companies. This week, an appeals court let that ruling stand.

Good. No president can be permitted to behave as Obama did, in effectively spitting on requirements enshrined in the Constitution.