Don’t let him get away with it

Disgraced, fired FBI Director James Comey is saying that attacks on the agency are dangerous because they undermine public confidence in the nation’s top law enforcement institution.

Nonsense. Comey is wrong, and we suspect he knows it.

In a telephone interview with The Associated Press, Comey said it is vital for Americans to trust the FBI as an “honest, competent and independent” agency. He is right about that.

But valid, troubling questions exist about how some in the FBI – including Comey – handled investigations related to the 2016 presidential election. It is known Comey broke FBI rules regarding the investigation of then-candidate Hillary Clinton. It is known some in the agency intended to use their positions to harm then-candidate Donald Trump, who became president.

Comey is eager to sell copies of his new book. In it and comments made during recent weeks, he has made it clear he holds a grudge against Trump, who fired him.

But claiming the FBI should be above criticism and public scrutiny is wrong. It is a standard strategy for those attempting to convince the public to ignore wrongdoing that really does affect our safety.

Getting to the bottom of political favoritism exhibited by some in the FBI and elsewhere in government is imperative. Rooting out corruption and punishing those at the heart of it makes Americans feel more secure, not less.

Comey has made his position clear. He is attempting to protect himself and some of his ex-cronies in the government. If he gets away with it, that will give Americans reason to worry about the FBI and other government agencies.