Conviction a real milestone

Last week’s conviction of entertainer Bill Cosby on a charge of sexually assaulting a woman was a milestone, in a way.

Some people consider Cosby the funniest man they ever heard deliver a monologue. For years, millions of Americans viewed him as a model for fatherhood. And many black Americans were proud of his success.

Now it is all gone, though some admirers hope an appeal of his conviction will reverse it.

The Cosby trial sent an important message: No one is above the law. No one will be permitted to assault women with inpunity.

Not even Bill Cosby.

Many other public figures, in both entertainment and politics, have been accused of similar misdeeds. They, too, should be prosecuted and punished.

But the Cosby conviction raises a troubling question, too: How is it that he and so many others were allowed to get away with their crimes for so long?