It’s time to get down to business

Saturday’s announcement of a tentative deal between the Nashua Board of Education and Nashua Teachers’ Union is great news.

Without a contract since last year, teachers have been on edge, and although its been business as usual in the classroom, we’re sure the uncertainty weighed on all involved.

Saturday’s agreement addresses placement on salary schedule and step schedule issues that arose during years when steps were frozen.

This also is good news, as the value of good, qualified teachers cannot easily be measured.

Keeping those good teachers should always be a top priority. New Hampshire – and our district in particular – should never be in a place where there is danger of losing our most important assets – our teachers.

Educators change lives. They mold the minds of our youth, turning them into productive members of society that, in turn, often make significant contributions to the local economy, school system and community. The work by these selfless men and women sometimes goes unnoticed, as does the extent of their extra efforts.

Oftentimes, teacher work nights and weekends on classroom projects, grading papers and developing detailed lesson plans. Those in the classroom deserve a great deal of respect for all they do, and their dedication should never be overlooked.

Here’s to hoping the Board of Aldermen and Mayor Jim Donchess sign off on Saturday’s accord, so our educators can get back to doing what they do best, without the distraction of an uncertain future.