Building connections is a big plus

On Tuesday, the Nashua Public Library was brimming with diversity, as people from several African nations gathered to speak with the Cultural Connections Committee.

Nashua Mayor Jim Donchess and Police Chief Andrew Lavoie, along with other city officials, led a discussion on how to increase communications with other cultures and strengthen ties across the board.

The mayor pointed to the immigrant community and the active part they take in the economic well-being of Greater Nashua. He also highlighted the fact that many immigrants start local businesses that create jobs, and that immigrant children take an active part in their schools, eventually becoming economic contributors to the city as well.

Donchess said he plans on visiting many immigrant-owned businesses to help build connections, and to help them navigate issues, such as housing and even starting businesses.

Lavoie echoed those sentiments, saying, “Everything we do as law enforcement officers is to help people. Our job is to protect you, our job is to fight for you.”

The Cultural Connections Committee and city officials have the right idea and are deserving of praise for their all-inclusive views, something those at the federal level should take more to heart.

It takes a community – working together – to thrive and achieve success.

Nashua certainly is – and rightly so – progressive on this issue.