A slippery slope

On Tuesday, the New Hampshire House of Representatives gave preliminary approval to a measure that would legalize the recreational use of marijuana.

The bill allows for adults to possess up to 1 ounce of marijuana and to cultivate it in limited quantities.

The legislation now advances to the Ways and Mean Committee.

While many surrounding states already have approved marijuana measures – including Maine and Massachusetts – New Hampshire should take a very careful look at this legislation before making any move at all.

The legalization of the drug seems to be a very slippery slope, especially in light of the ever-growing opioid epidemic. Marijuana always has been classified as a “gateway” drug, and could likely lead to even more addiction problems than we already face.

While legalization in any form – medical or recreational – could provide a boon to the economy, the consequences must be weighed.

New Hampshire Rep. Keith Ammon, R-New Boston, said “It looks bad for the reputation of the Live Free or Die to be an island of prohibition surrounded by a sea of freedom.”

It also would look bad for the state to support drug use that only will exacerbate an already- burgeoning drug problem that has cost this state millions and millions of dollars.

Lawmakers must look out for the best interest of its citizens, and legalizing the recreational use of marijuana isn’t the way to go.