Winter safety tips to keep in mind

Although officials did not release the cause of a fire on Gilson Road on Tuesday, they did offer some valuable tips to keep area residents safe as temperatures continue to hover around zero.

Nashua Fire Rescue members urge local residents to operate space heaters responsibly. These tips include:

Do not leave units operating unattended.

Do not overload electrical circuits by plugging heaters into outlets that already are at capacity or have other large appliances on them.

Always have a minimum of 3 feet around a space heater and the nearest piece of furniture or any other item.

Do not use space heaters as drying racks for clothing or socks.

In addition, other safety tips include:

Never use an oven or other appliance as a source of heat.

When thawing frozen pipes, do not use industrial heat guns. If you are using a hair dryer, make sure it does not overheat and take frequent breaks.

Do not use propane-type heaters indoors.

Any heating source should be constantly monitored and serviced properly.

Finally, as a reminder, with the turn of the new year, it’s a good time to check or replace batteries in smoke detectors.