We need better means of detection

Thankfully, the would-be suicide bomber who detonated an explosive device in a corridor in the New York subway system was so incompetent he couldn’t kill himself, much less anyone else. His bomb, which may have gone off prematurely, wounded him and slightly injured three other people on Monday.

Authorities said the perpetrator, 27-year-old Ayayed Ullah, was inspired by Islamic State terrorists. He appears to have acted alone.

Interrogating Ullah should shed light on how Islamic terrorists brainwash so-called “lone wolf” attackers in our very midst.

We know terrorist organizations use the internet to recruit “lone wolves” in the United States. We know they specialize in fairly recent immigrants of the Muslim faith.

Surely there is some means of turning their own tactics and strategy against them. If so, let us hope it is found very soon. The next terrorist bomber probably will not make the same mistakes Ullah did on Monday.