PAC would be destination

On Tuesday, Nashua voters will head to the polls to elect aldermen, selectmen, board of education members and a variety of other officials. Residents also will have the opportunity to vote on a pair of ballot questions, one that will allow keno to help fund full-day kindergarten and another, non-binding question to gauge support for a proposed performing arts center in downtown Nashua.

The PAC issue has been polarizing for many in the city, with some lending support to the idea, but others vocalizing displeasure because of several unknowns and the potential for increased taxes.

While those concerns are valid, the city of Nashua is poised to be able to take advantage of its ever-growing and vibrant arts community.

This was reinforced last week as the city of Nashua was honored as a Creative Community at the Governor’s Arts Awards, a distinction only given every three years.

The award “recognizes a city, town or village government or community-wide organization or individual that significantly fostered the arts through funding and/or program initiatives. …”

From the Greeley Park Arts Show to ArtWalk and dozens of events in between, the city certainly does foster the arts in an unrivaled fashion for a New Hampshire city.

“No city or town can become a ‘creative community’ on its own,” Nashua Mayor Jim Donchess said at Wednesday’s awards ceremony. “People want to live and raise their children in a city that offers a vibrant and alive culture scene.”

Nashua certainly does that, and then some. And, with our designation as the Gate City, we have a prime opportunity to draw people from not only the Granite State, but also from Massachusetts and neighboring Vermont and Maine.

The opening of a performing arts center is the proverbial no-brainer. The city’s focus on the arts and the plethora of artisans and art-minded people make this idea one that can’t – and shouldn’t – be passed up.

Nashua can – and will with the help of a PAC – be a destination for everything arts related. It’s all right here anyway, and a PAC would just be the icing on the cake.

While details do need ironed out, a yes vote on Tuesday can get the ball rolling, transforming our city – and downtown – into an arts Mecca that will boost our economy, reinvigorate and re-brand our downtown and put our city back on the Best Places to Live list.

Disagreements aside, we truly can not afford to let this opportunity pass us by. The non-binding question deserves a “yes” vote on Tuesday, and with everyone working together, a PAC in downtown can become not only a reality, but a reality that brings joy – and economic benefits – to us all.