Officials deserve our thanks

The Nashua Police Department, along with all other agencies involved, deserve a great deal of thanks from city of Nashua residents for keeping everyone safe during the recent Beard Street standoff.

Officials moved in quickly and dealt with the situation with professionalism and safety in mind.

On Thursday, the identity of the suspect involved in the incident was released – 31-year-old Corey Pincince, who ultimately took his own life after the hours-long standoff.

Law enforcement officials and the city did an excellent job of keeping area citizens updated on the situation, with precautions being taken for city schoolchildren and residents in the area, alike.

All available equipment was utilized to bring the incident to an end, with police not opting to rush in and end the standoff with bullets flying.

For several hours, officials negotiated with Pincince, repeatedly urging him to come out of the building. Sadly, that did not happen, but it was not because of a lack of effort.

Following the standoff, officials handled the matter as delicately as possible, not casting unneeded aspersions and stressing that the investigation needed to run its course.

Residents can go to bed tonight – and every night – feeling safe and with assurance that the Nashua Police Department is on duty protecting us all to the best of their ability.

Law enforcement officials have a tough job to do. Despite that, our boys in blue shine in not only moments of crisis like this, but also in every day situations.