Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

Editor’s note: During the course of a week, issues are covered that might not lend themselves to full editorial comment, but they are worthy of The Telegraph weighing in – thumbs up, thumbs down or neutral.

Thumbs up to Hudson and Londonderry for their Sept. 11 remembrance events. Both were well attended and very tastefully presented. One of the many rally cries following the terror attacks was to “Never Forget.” Sixteen years later, that phrase still rings true here in New Hampshire. Also, a big thumbs up to Gov. Chris Sununu for attending the event in Londonderry. Not many state chief executives would travel to a small town in their state for such an observance.

Thumbs up to Great American Downtown, Paul Shea and all other involved in last weekend’s Dinner on Main Street. The event drew people from all over the area for an unforgettable evening of fellowship and food. Events like these are just one way to showcase all this great city has to offer.

Thumbs up to all involved in the construction and opening of the David W. Deane Skate Park. The new facility, friendly to all forms of skating, is an outstanding addition to the city. “It’s hard to express what this means for the kids who show up with a skateboard (or) for the kids who are 50 who show up with a skateboard,” said Brian Fiske, manager of Eastern Boarder in Nashua. Fiske is absolutely right. The park is good not just for the youth of the area, but for the young at heart, too.

Thumb down to those voting against the performing arts center. People in the aldermanic chambers last week called out “shame” as aldermen David Deane, Mark Cookson, Ken Siegel, David Schoneman, Sean McGuinness and Don LeBrun voted against the proposal. Although the issue now goes on the November ballot as a non-binding question, the fact remains a performing arts center, in some form, would benefit the city of Nashua. The primary question now, is cost and the profitability of such a venue. With all the talent – and number of people in the area – surely there can be a meeting of the minds to make this project a reality. Finances and profitability should be scrutinized; however, Nashuans should not give up on the dream of such a facility for the city. Ultimately, a performing arts center would not only benefit the arts community, but all of Nashua.

Thumbs up to all those who garnered honors at the 2017 Best of Souhegan Reception and Awards Ceremony on Wednesday night. As one presenter remarked, “you all are like scarecrows. You’re outstanding in your field.”

Neutral on a ballot question on the state’s new Keno-garten law, which uses money generated by the game of chance to fund full-day kindergarten. The Board of Alderman voted to allow the ballot question at a meeting last week. While the idea is admirable, allowing more widespread games of chance can only bring other issues to the forefront, like problem gambling. We must remain cautious and closely examine the issue before a decision can be reached.