School repairs should be a top priority

This week, Nashua School District officials said Elm Street Middle School needs at least $50 million in repairs and renovations.

That, though, is just an initial estimate, as when – and if – work begins, other issues could be uncovered during the process.

Board of Education President George Farrington stressed that talks on the issue are just in the early stages, noting that, “the only thing on the table (right now) is the conversation. We have to look at all aspects.”

Indeed, several possibilities are on the table, officials said, including making the costly repairs, building a new school or somehow utilizing the former Daniel Webster College.

Although the college may be an option – as supported by Nashua School District Superintendent Jahmal Mosley – the Board of Alderman seemingly struck down that idea, offered by Alderman Mark Cookson, at its meeting earlier this week.

Farrington said, aside from fixing the floors at the school, there will most likely needs to be updates with security, lighting and the heating and ventilation systems. There also are signs of deterioration in the additions to the main building, which were constructed in the 1960s.

While we agree with Farrington, that all options must be explored before a decision can be made, the fact is, action must be taken in a reasonable amount of time.

When dealing with school repairs and renovations, student and faculty safety must be top of mind.