Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

Editor’s note: During the course of a week, issues are covered that might not lend themselves to full editorial comment, but they are worthy of The Telegraph weighing in – thumbs up, thumbs down or neutral.

Thumbs up to Fred Teeboom for his efforts with New Hampshire’s lone public Holocaust memorial. When he got the memorial built on Main Street in 2013, Teeboom decided to have a granite sculpture commission based on the photograph. Teeboom said that the stylized sculpture didn’t capture what he saw in the picture, and that left him unsatisfied. Teeboom decided to have a new monument put up. A simple granite marker with a copy of a photo that had a profound impact on him. Teeboom has done a great service to not only Nashua, but also to the Granite State. We should never forget the Holocaust, and thanks to him, we have a lasting reminder.

Thumbs up to the Nashua Police Department for their efforts in tracking and preserving evidence. The storage center at the Nashua Police Department on Panther Drive contains decades worth of evidence, all of it catalogued using a computerized barcode system and secured by the detectives assigned to keep the evidence secure and in order. Their efforts in tracking the more than 60,000 items is monumental and goes a long way in keeping the criminal justice system in this city running smoothly.

Thumbs up to the many people who filed to run in the upcoming municipal elections. This not only shows an interest and care for the community, but it also puts on display the faith people have in our democracy.

Thumbs up to the many high school and college athletes throughout this area – and the entire state – for a smooth start to the fall sports season. Sportsmanship in alive in this area, and the dedication of these athletes must not be overlooked. Good look to all area teams.

Thumbs up to Great American Downtown and the owners of JaJaBelle’s Bakery on Main Street for lending their support to the proposed performing arts center. On Thursday, a petition signing event was hosted at the downtown business. Nearly 200 people came out to lend support. Great American Downtown also has an online petition – available at A vote is expected on the issue at a full Board of Alderman meeting at 7 p.m. Tuesday at City Hall.

Thumbs up, again, to Great American Downtown and all involved in planning the Dinner on Main Street event, set for today. About 300 guests will be seated for a six course farm-to-table meal in a closed-off section of Main Street in the area of 201-211 near Fratello’s and Surf restaurants. It is events like these that showcase all Nashua has to offer.

Thumbs up and congratulations to Daniel Moen for being named interim CEO at St. Joseph Hospital. The Nashua medical facility has long been know for its high standard of care, and Moen certainly will continue that trend.