Sending the wrong message

Government has no business telling fashion companies they cannot use ultra-skinny models.

The companies should be doing that voluntarily.

A new law in France, set to go into effect Oct. 1, provides such a ban. It requires both male and female models to obtain certificates indicating they are in good health and have appropriate body mass indexes.

Some French fashion companies are “voluntarily” adopting their own restrictions. One bans use of female models who wear clothing smaller than size 0-2.

It should not require a law for fashion companies to stop using models who send a terribly undesirable message to girls and women – that the “in” thing is being so thin your health can be affected.

Some U.S. fashion companies have gotten the message, and are using more normal-sized models.

Here’s hoping everyone in the industry adopts the French rules as a model for how they show off their fashions.