Contract must be approved

By all accounts, this school year is off to a near-perfect start.

Nashua School District Superintendent Jahmal Mosley said Wednesday that the academic year is off to an “exciting” start and that teachers and students are moving “full steam ahead.”

With nearly all students back in class, and full-day kindergarten underway, that’s good news for both parents and pupils alike.

“It was the smoothest opening we’ve ever had,” said Mike Harrington, principal of Fairgrounds Elementary School. “I feel like every year it gets better and better. The kids were happy and the staff were happy. … I’m excited for an excellent start to the year.”

While business inside the classroom may be going on as usual, teachers and their union still are battling for a new contract.

On Wednesday, The Nashua Teachers Union issued a press release asking its members to discontinue membership on all district committees and school committees that are not contractual obligations. In addition, if the stalemate continues, members will be asked to only work within the parameters of their contract. This will include the cancelation of field trips and put a halt to teacher-written letters of recommendation for higher education opportunities, among other things.

It’s well past time for a meeting of the minds. A contract must be hammered out between the Board of Education and the Nashua Teachers Union.

These men and women perform an extraordinary service to the community, oftentimes spending their own money for classroom supplies, while putting in extra, unpaid time to complete duties.

Our teachers deserve a fair contract, and our students deserve to have the full attention of their teachers.