Looking back at the week in news

Finding inspiration from New Hampshire’s next generation

Destination Imagination has been encouraging kids to think outside the box for more than three decades.

Students choose from among seven categories called Challenges: Technical, Scientific, Structural, Fine Arts, Improvisational, Service Learning or the noncompetitive Early Learning Challenge.

A cool byproduct of kids choosing the Service Learning Challenge is that they often come up with ways to benefit the community.

One such example is the Destination Imagination team at Milford High School that came up with the idea of creating "grab and go" bags for children in the foster care system. The team’s plan is to fill the bags with essentials, such as personal care products, for kids who are removed from their homes on short notice.

The team members consulted several state agencies involved with foster care in developing their plan, and they want to give the bags to the Division for Children, Youth & Families and police departments to have on hand as situations arise.

Team members had raised $199 as of Friday morning, with a goal of $5,000.

"Even $1 can buy a bottle of water or shampoo," team member Mikayla Rush said.

Team members were inspired to come up with this idea because have seen firsthand the struggles of a classmate in the foster system. And it should be inspiring to adults to see such compassion in the younger generation.

The opioid crisis shows we need to put our politics aside

On Friday morning, roughly a dozen healthcare and social service agencies from the region gathered at Harbor Homes in Nashua to discuss the important role the Affordable Care Act plays in terms of combating the opioid crisis in New Hampshire.

One after another, these leaders on the frontline of the battle said repealing Obama’s signature law would have a draconian effect on vital addiction recovery services.

Nashua’s Safe Stations, which has helped more than 100 people addicted to opioids get help since it launched in November, would be just one program put in jeopardy.

Harbor Homes CEO Peter Kelleher said at least 50 of those 100 people had healthcare through New Hampshire’s expanded Medicaid program.

"We can’t go backwards," he said.

Regardless where we stand on the ACA and its imperfect and troubled past, there are initiatives through Obamacare that New Hampshire needs right now.

Good policy should supersede political party. Here’s hoping all those involved in the decision do not made them out of ideology when New Hampshire continues to battle this epidemic.

Matthews went too far with his anti-Trump statements

One can hardly blame many Americans for their refusal to trust the news media, given the hysterical tone taken by some in major news outlets.

Take the MSNBC television network. Not long after President Donald Trump made his inaugural speech on Friday, MCNBC star Chris Matthews took to the air. He pronounced the president’s remarks to be "Hitlerian."

What prompted Matthews to say that? Trump’s promise to make "America first."

What Americans need to remember is this: Ultra-liberal fanatics are but a tiny minority in the news business. Here at this newspaper – and at most others – we try hard to be fair and accurate, regardless of how we feel about those we cover. It is a shame, nevertheless, that a few like Matthews have forgotten the meaning of journalism.