Looking back at the week in news

AP’s Jim Cole was a New Hampshire primary legend

For more than three decades, Associated Press photographer Jim Cole has been more of a New Hampshire primary institution than the ballot box at Dixville Notch.

Cole was one of the 25 staff members laid off by the AP last week following a lengthy and memorable career in which the photojournalist covered every first-in-the-nation primary since 1980.

Known for his warm smile and blue-collar dress code, he provided an up-close and distinctive look at every major presidential candidate, as well as many who went on to serve in the White House, for readers across the Granite State. Because of New Hampshire’s status in the presidential primary cycle, much of his work has appeared in national newspapers to political journals, magazines and broadcast segments.

"Don’t cry for me," he told the New Hampshire Union Leader on Wednesday, joking someone else will have to photograph Gov.-elect Chris Sununu’s inauguration in January.

His work of past primaries are on display in Secretary of State’s office in Concord, a lasting exhibit of one of New Hampshire’s best newsmen.

Nashua society exemplifies the meaning of ‘humane’

We attended an event held by the Humane Society for Greater Nashua on Thursday night to thank donors for all of their help throughout the year.

The event was hosted by Anheuser-Busch in Merrimack, which has been a huge supporter of the Humane Society for many years.

The term "humane society" has been such a widely accepted term for so long that people don’t give a second thought to what it truly means. Here are a few definitions of "humane" from YourDictionary.com:

"A kind, tender and compassionate person."

"Having what are considered the best qualities of human beings: kind, tender, merciful, sympathetic, etc."

"Characterized by kindness, mercy or compassion."

"Having or showing concern for the pain or suffering of another."

Choose one of those definitions, or choose them all; they all describe the people who work for and volunteer with the Humane Society for Greater Nashua.

Each week, they send us their Pets of the Week, and each week, we want to scoop up both and bring them home. But cats have their own persnickety outlook on life, and our two would not welcome new additions to the family.

That leaves it up to you. We aren’t suggesting you run down to the shelter and pick up a pet for Christmas; that often has undesired consequences of people not truly being prepared to accept the responsibilities of adding a new family member.

However, it’s a good time to remember the outstanding work of the Humane Society for Greater Nashua, and remember it with a donation of any kind or size at this or any time of the year.

President Obama made the right decision on Iranian bill

President Barack Obama did something good and wise this week. He refused to veto a bill from Congress renewing authority for U.S. officials to use economic sanctions against Iran.

Obama did major damage in agreeing without lawmakers approval to a deal under which Iran is supposed to stop trying to build nuclear weapons. As we have pointed out, the deal has holes in it big enough to drive a nuclear missile carrier through.

Obama also authorized giving Iran tens of billions of dollars seized by the United States years ago. And he lifted some economic sanctions.

What he allowed to become law without either his signature or a veto was a bill that permits U.S. officials to reinstate sanctions if Iran cheats on the weapons deal.

Iranian officials are furious about that. Their anger and threats of retribution merely demonstrate why the U.S. authority is needed.