Editorial: Telegraph’s Nashua 50 project is one for the ages

Since May, The Telegraph has embarked on its most ambitious project ever.

It’s called Nashua 50.

Already, you’ve read 40 stories and editorials highlighting the city’s business achievements during the past 50 years. You’ve read about major milestones that transformed the city like the creation of the Pheasant Lane Mall. You’ve read about the businesses that are hidden assets to the community like Viega, a German firm selling a billion-dollars worth of piping and controls for plumbing and heating systems around the world.

And we were able to take you inside some of the businesses that serve as economic engines to the state, employing hundreds of workers right here in southern New Hampshire, like Micronetics and Skillsoft.

You’ve learned about Nashua inventions like the very first video game called Pong and heard some of our opinions about business improvement like urging for better access to the Nashua River.

Nearly every story also was told through photos and video.

But these stories are not all that the Nashua 50 project entails.

On Dec. 12, The Telegraph will distribute a glossy magazine that will have some familiar – and not so familiar – names in it. We have identified and profiled the top 50 business leaders of the past 50 years. On top of that, we compiled a list of the next 20 business leaders for the city and asked them about their visions for Nashua’s future.

None of these stories have been published yet in The Telegraph. We’ve been saving them for this special publication.

The Nashua 50 project was initiated to highlight a half-century of business innovation and achievement in Nashua, which is the economic engine of New Hampshire.

And since, as a newspaper, we have innovated as well, we wanted to bring all of our technological tools and skills to the table.

So the magazine also will be made available in the form of an e-book, our first, and all of the Nashua 50 stories are currently available for perusal neatly on your iPad.

The multimedia effort was initiated to recognize The Telegraph’s 50th-annual Progress edition, which recognizes the top businesses in Greater Nashua.

In other words, Nashua 50 is more than a collection of 50 stories. It is a series of 50 stories that will appear in the paper, which led up to the release of another 70 profiles of the city’s business leaders. Combined, with its glossy magazine and e-book, it is a completely unique product in the history of The Telegraph.

The project was a team effort, for sure, led by Terrence Williams, our president and publisher.

In the days ahead, you will read more about the city’s business past and future. You will read more about the city’s biggest employers and hear the thoughts of the people that make Nashua the business center for the state.

In today’s paper, you read about the promised economic benefits of the Broad Street Parkway, a project that finally is seeing actual road work after decades of discussion.

Just last week, you read about the evolution of Daniel Webster Highway from a horse buggy path into a modern retail mecca.

On Sunday, we examined the economic impact of the presidential primary, which brings in thousands of visitors and millions of dollars to the state.

And while the Nashua 50 project marks the evolution of the city’s business climate, it also marks the evolution of the news organization that has been covering it along the way.