Towing tumult

We admit to being befuddled by what seems to be an ongoing feud involving a downtown Nashua business owner and the operator of a tow-truck company based in Pepperell, Massachusetts.

The parties involved are:

• Kyle Ezzio, owner of the Lineage Vapors shop, which is located inside the large building at 60 Main St.; and

• Tim Morine, owner of EastBound Transport-Towing & Recovery in Pepperell.

“He walks around, he rips all the paper signs that we hung up, takes the signs, whacks me in the face with them,” Ezzio alleges of an interaction with Morine that he said took place in the parking lot behind the building.

Ezzio said he placed the signs in this parking lot to warn his customers about the aggressive vehicle towing that takes place there.

“That is not true. That did not happen. I have better things to do,” Morine told our reporter when asked about Ezzio’s accusations.

Though this dispute seems to come down to one person’s word against the other’s, what is clear is the vigorous vehicle towing that takes place in this portion of downtown. Local resident Tyson Ouellette told our reporter he parked in this lot for only a few minutes to run inside the vape shop to make a purchase. Ouellette alleges that when he ran back outside, he found that a trucker already had his vehicle on a hook – with his dog still inside.

“He’s like, ‘All right, buddy. I’m taking off.’ And I’m like, ‘So you’re just going to steal my dog?’ And he’s like, “That’s not my problem,” Ouellette said of his conversation with this trucker.

“It’s not my fault. It’s the people that park there and think they’re not going to get towed,” Morine added.

As far as we can tell, Morine and his employees are doing nothing that violates any laws by performing these tows. And, as long as the parking lot in question has a private owner, he or she should be able to dictate who can park there.

Still, Nashua city officials should seek a solution to this situation. Downtown businesses already face something of a disadvantage when compared to those based in surrounding areas that can offer free parking.