Program vital to community

No one can argue that eating healthy the majority of the time isn’t important – especially for youngsters.

That’s why programs like the Share of Strength’s Cooking Matters are imperative.

The six-week program is being taught by Cooking Matters Program Assistant Katie Robertson, with the help of her dietetic intern and an American Corps worker in the basement of First Church in Nashua. To take the class, members have to fall into a certain income level and must be a parent.

Cooking Matters – sponsored by Hannaford Supermarkets – teaches parents cooking skills, along with budgeting skills for when they are at the grocery store.

During a recent class, participants focused on creating a quick and easy breakfast. Robertson, though, noted a variety of skills that are taught during the program.

“We will do lessons on healthy food choices, identifying whole grains, reading food labels, making lists and we do knife safety skills as well. We look at how you prepare yourself with ingredients so you have success. We look at reading recipes and how to go through a recipe,” Robertson said.

Helping to move the program forward is Grow Nashua Executive Director Justin Munroe, who said they are planning to add more classes.

“It’s a really fun way to do it. A lot of folks are home cooks, so they usually have a pretty good idea of what’s going to work in their kitchen, but it’s always fun when you get a group of people who are all different in a room,” Robertson said. “We all do things differently, so they will teach and we will learn something new as well. It’s community learning.”

Programs like this are vital to developing healthy eating habits and bettering our community.