N.H. primary still pivotal

A few national political commentators have recently questioned the relative importance of the New Hampshire Democratic presidential primary in 2020.


They say, the Granite State’s population is not racially diverse enough to play a major role in determining the presidential nominee of the Democratic Party.

The New Hampshire primary is set for Feb. 11, 2020. During the succeeding three weeks, states such as California, South Carolina, Nevada, Alabama, Texas and North Carolina are scheduled to conduct their primaries or caucuses.

We acknowledge the populations of these states – particularly when it comes to Democratic voters – are more racially diverse than New Hampshire’s.

Also, detractors point to the fact the eventual Democratic nominee has not actually won the New Hampshire primary since John Kerry did so in 2004.

Still, we firmly believe the Granite State, in its role as the first-in-the-nation primary, will go a long way toward determining the Democrats’ 2020 nominee. This is particularly true when one considers just how many candidates are expected to seek this nomination because as many as 30 are said to be exploring the race.

With so many candidates in the running (or at least potentially in the running), New Hampshire will play a major role in narrowing the large field of Democratic contenders.