Curb teenage E-cigarette use

Tobacco is hazardous to our health. We have known that for many years. Finally, it seems the message about cigarettes, snuff and other traditional methods of consuming nicotine has gotten through to many young people.

So they have turned to “vaping” – that is, using e-cigarettes that seem safer.

They are not, researcher believes. In fact, the adverse health effects of using the electronic devices may be as serious as those from conventional cigarettes.

Some adult smokers use e-cigarettes as a crutch to get past addiction to tobacco in other forms. For them, it may be a help.

But for teenagers who think vaping is somehow safer, the practice can lead to addiction and long-term use.

E-cigarette manufacturers clearly are attempting to create a whole new generation of nicotine addicts by persuading them vaping is somehow not the same thing as lighting one up. One strategy has been to offer e-cigarettes in thousands of appealing, safe-sounding flavors. You can buy them in cotton candy, blueberry cobbler, corn flake tart and “I love cookies” flavors, to name just a few.

There is even a green tea flavor. Everyone knows green tea is good for you.

But it is not, when used as an e-cigarette flavor.

Protecting young Granite State residents against becoming a new generation of nicotine addicts may be the most important task our state could undertake. Let’s put the time and research into this issue so we can builder a better future.