Move forward

I want to congratulate all the voters in Bedford who participated in the election on Nov. 6, despite the terrible weather. Whether your candidate won or lost is secondary to the fact that our democratic process worked to provide a peaceful transition of power at all levels of our government. We take it for granted, but in many places in this world this doesn’t or never occurs. Take pride that although we may support different philosophies or policies, we allow an election to determine how we move forward with our government.

I also want to thank all the voters that supported me in my campaign to represent the people of Bedford in Concord. Although I did not succeed I am very happy that I had the opportunity to try.

After this election, I hope that our governor, House and Senate will move forward to address the many issues that confront our state and our citizens. Issues such as the opioid addiction crisis, the working poor, the state of our roads and bridges, health care costs and access and gun safety and violence.

Richard B. Friedman, MD