Repel the blue wave of tyranny at the midterm election

A tsunami of juvenile anger has become the energizing force within the Democratic Party. The hard left has indeed become a mob, as it has abandoned all norms of civilized debate in favor of suppressing free speech and launching personal attacks intended to intimidate.

Speeches by conservative visitors to colleges and universities have been shut down by students indoctrinated with liberal orthodoxy. Free speech, and the open exchange of differing viewpoints has been replaced by a politically correct, monolithic culture. Emotionally fragile students are being protected from the agony inflicted by opposing opinions, hence the proliferation of campus “safe zones.”

The first amendment is not the only right that is under attack. Hard left howls are even trashing the Constitution and Bill of Rights, including the basic principle enshrined within our legal system that we are all innocent until proven guilty. Surprisingly, our future lawmakers now studying at Yale participated in setting the presumption of innocence on its head during the brett Kavanaugh hearings.

Frustrated by their policy failures, influential Democratic Party leaders have issued a call to action among the thugs within their constituencies. California U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters implored activists to “create a crowd” whenever prominent Republicans are seen in public, and publicly get into their face. New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker echoed the call by urging protesters to “get up into the face of some congresspeople.” Former Barack Obama Attorney General Eric Holder kept up the boorish rhetoric as he advocated kicking conservatives. Hillary Clinton, during a recent media interview, defended uncivil behaviors as being necessary until Democrats regain power.

Should the Democrats take the House, 14-term Maxine Waters is likely to be awarded a committee gavel. Chairperson Waters would gain a powerful platform to ramp up her campaigns calling for the impeachments of President Donald Trump and Justice Brett Kavanaugh. If so empowered, expect her to use her subpoena authority to launch endless investigations and impeachment hearings targeting conservatives. With allies like Cory Booker, imagine the witch hunts and character assassinations to follow.

The hard left is working overtime to intimidate and silence their opposition with a toxic stew of grass roots mob actions and the politics of personal destruction, as was recently demonstrated by their congressional supporters.

Thankfully, Republicans and Independents alike are recognizing that Democrats cannot be trusted with the levers of power. Bring your friends with you to vote on Nov. 6, and vote Republican across the board.

John Ferlins is a resident of Hollis.