Region was ready for this storm

The idiom “in like a lion, out like a lamb” is ringing at least partially true thus far in March, with Winter Storm Quinn packing a hefty punch. It has brought up to 3 feet of heavy, wet snow and wind gusts of more than 50 mph, causing more than 1 million power outages.

More than 30 inches of snow had accumulated in parts of southern Vermont as of early Thursday. Greater Nashua felt less of Quinn’s wrath, with area accumulations ranging from 13.5 inches in Nashua to 17 inches in Merrimack and even more in outlying areas.

Though snow totals were in the double-digits, we didn’t reach 2 feet, a marker some forecasters believed was realistic for this region. That’s certainly OK, as this is one area where New Hampshire doesn’t want to come in first in the standings.

This week’s storm was hard to predict, but we want to acknowledge excellent communication efforts by the City of Nashua as well as other municipalities and towns to ensure area residents were well informed of pending emergency conditions.

This communication extended beyond government entities to nonprofit agencies. They braced for the cold and proactively put plans in place to assist anyone without shelter or food during this critical time.

They, along with our local school officials and road crews deserve a nod for the tireless planning, work and decisive action that kept our community sheltered and safe during the storm. Traffic was limited on the roads to permit expeditious cleanup efforts, and students remained safe and warm at home while Quinn wound down Thursday.

We thank all those who helped make our region safer with their efforts and keep those without power in our thoughts as crews work quickly to restore service.

Inclement weather never is easy, and we all recognize this is winter in New England. However, at least for now, the mighty Quinn has fallen and the “lion” sleeps tonight.