Pauline Economou Mandravelis

Pauline Economou Mandravelis, 90, of Nashua, NH, passed on June 2, 2016.

She was born in Nashua, NH on August 7, 1925. She was the first born daughter of the late Kate and William Economou, who emigrated to the U.S. from Greece.

Pauline met her husband to be, Zack Mandravelis, at a Greek dance at their local Greek church. Zack had returned from his duties in WW II, feeling ready to meet a lovely woman to begin a new life with. As fate would have it, at this dance, a friend of Zack’s told him, "If you want to meet a wonderful woman," as he pointed to Pauline across the dance floor, "meet Pauline." Without hesitation, Zack did.

As they danced, he found himself so smitten with Pauline, he talked to her about how they would marry, where they would honeymoon … Zack foresaw the future, as they did marry on September 28th,1947… creating an amazing life together. If Zack were living today, they would have celebrated their 69th wedding anniversary.

They worked together side by side in every project, small or massive, that Zack was passionate about. From starting two businesses together, which grew in size with their hard work and mutual commitment. When Zack was immersed in a project, Pauline always stood by his side, working harder to keep the businesses running well, their home and their two children.

Pauline always helped with a loving, caring smile … all for the love of her husband, home and children. She embraced every aspect of her life with so much spirit and graciousness.

Her first love in life was taking care of her children, Faye and Bill, and her husband. She created a home full of love, caring, helpfulness, warmth, happiness, laughter, stability. She would always find time for each of us, to help us pursue our passions and help with whatever we each needed, and always with her engaging smile and love in her eyes.

She loved her friends, relatives, neighbors, her Greek community so much, she would often open her home to company. She would entertain guests with such thoughtfulness, caring and grace. This truly was a passion she loved.

Pauline graduated from Nashua High School. After graduation, she worked at Besse Bryant’s clothing store as a bookkeeper until she married.

Pauline was a compassionate, empathic, loving, non-judgmental woman with an enormous heart, an even larger, brighter smile and a laugh that could fill a room with so much joy.

Pauline embraced her life. She made the most of her time. Enjoying it all.

She was very involved in the Greek community and church, belonging to several Greek organizations. She was one of the first members, then became a lifetime member, of the Agape Organization. She was involved for years in the Daughters of Penelope and the Elpis Society.

Pauline was blessed to have a sister, Mary Panos, of Manhasset, NY. They had such a close relationship and the deepest love for each other. They were always in contact with each other, visiting each other, spending every holiday with their families, either in NY or NH. Both of their families were blessed by their closeness, as we are very close to this day. Pauline was a very close aunt to Mary’s daughters, Joyce, Kathy and Alyssa. She adored their children, Gerard, Rachel, Zoe and Thalia. Mary’s husband, Jerry, predeceased Pauline.

Pauline had many first cousins she was so close to. They had such a strong bond and love for each other. Another wonderful blessing in her life.

She has many close relatives on her husband’s side, very close friends she loved dearly and they loved her through their lifetimes.

Her husband, Zack, had three brothers, George, Christos and John, who predeceased Zack and Pauline. There were many nieces and nephews.

She had several godchildren with her husband, a goddaughter, Gloria Mandravelis of Buffalo, NY; godsons, Chuck Chouramanis of Nashua, NH; Spiro Linatsas of Chelmsford, MA; and Andrew Themeles of Los Angeles, CA.

Visiting Hours will be held Thursday, June 9th, from 11:00am to noon at St. Philip Greek Orthodox Church, 500 West Hollis Street, Nashua NH 03062.

The Funeral service will begin in the Greek church at noon, immediately following the visiting hour.

Burial will follow at Woodlawn Cemetery on 101 Kinsley Street in Nashua, NH.

In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to St. Philip Greek Orthodox Church, to the Restoration of the Dome Fund, 500 West Hollis Street, Nashua, NH 03062.