Saturday, May 28, 2016
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Cuba to OK small private businesses

The Associated Press

Cuba announced Tuesday that it will legalize small- and medium-sized private businesses in a move that could significantly expand private enterprise in one of the … Full story    

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Cuba to OK small private businesses

Cuba announced Tuesday that it will legalize small- and medium-sized private businesses in a move that could significantly expand private enterprise in one of the … Full story    
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Scores dead as IS hits government targets

BEIRUT - A series of coordinated blasts hit bus stations, an electricity plant and a hospital across two Syrian cities Monday, killing at least 80 … Full story    
Published:  May 24, 2016

Egypt sends submarine to hunt for jet’s black boxes

CAIRO - Egypt sent a submarine Sunday to join the hunt for the flight recorders from the EgyptAir jetliner that crashed in the Mediterranean and … Full story    
Published:  May 23, 2016

Makeover on the way for food nutrition labels

Anew look is coming to Nutrition Facts labels on food packages, with more attention to calorie counts and added sugars. And no longer will a … Full story    
Published:  May 21, 2016

Bears in Grand Teton Park attract onlookers

Newly emerged from their winter dens, grizzly bears are wandering out in the open in Grand Teton National Park, drawing crowds of wildlife watchers, photographers … Full story    
Published:  May 18, 2016

Protestors demand increased access to electricity

KABUL, Afghanistan -€î Tens of thousands of Afghanistan's ethnic Hazaras marched on Monday through downtown Kabul, demanding the government reroute a planned power line through … Full story    
Published:  May 17, 2016

Obama to world: Be more like Nordics

Democrats may argue over whether places like Denmark and Norway are model societies. President Barack Obama is sure. Apparently well beyond concerns about being branded … Full story    
Published:  May 16, 2016

After Social Security error, man insists he’s very alive

LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) - A Lincoln man says he's not dead, despite what the Social Security Administration has said. Chuck Zellers learned of his demise … Full story    
Published:  May 14, 2016

Colorado theater trial could prompt tight security at movies

CENTENNIAL, Colo. – Movie theaters across the U.S. could be forced to adopt costly security measures – and ticket prices could rise significantly – if … Full story    
Published:  May 11, 2016

Utah’s fetal pain law perplexes doctors

SALT LAKE CITY – Utah's first-in-the-nation requirement that fetuses receive anesthesia or painkillers before some abortions takes effect Tuesday, but doctors say it's unnecessary and … Full story    
Published:  May 11, 2016

Christie’s bet on Trump pays off big

TRENTON, N.J. - Gov. Chris Christie's decision to endorse Donald Trump back in February brought him plenty of derision at the time. But it's bringing … Full story    
Published:  May 10, 2016

Canada aims for ‘death grip’ on fire

FORT MCMURRAY, Alberta - Officials said Sunday they had reached a turning point in fighting an enormous wildfire, hoping to get a "death grip'" on … Full story    
Published:  May 9, 2016

Trump improves odds for Obama’s policies

WASHINGTON - There's no cheering at the White House for Donald Trump's success. Yet for President Barack Obama, things could be worse. Trump's ascent as … Full story    
Published:  May 9, 2016

Trump takes aim at Clinton in Wash.

Donald Trump is once again raising former President Bill Clinton's marital infidelities, a preview of how the billionaire businessman is likely to respond to general-election … Full story    
Published:  May 8, 2016

Educator turns desks into inspiration

For a classroom of elementary school students looking for inspiration before a big test this week, the writing wasn't on the wall. It was on … Full story    
Published:  May 7, 2016

Cruz quits, Trump tops in Indiana

INDIANAPOLIS - Donald Trump virtually clinched the Republican nomination for president Tuesday night, a stunning victory for the brash billionaire who was considered more a … Full story    
Published:  May 4, 2016

Rockets hit hopital, 20 die in war-torn Aleppo

BEIRUT - A maternity hospital in a government-held section of Aleppo was struck by rocket fire Tuesday as battles killed 20 people and dragged the … Full story    
Published:  May 4, 2016

Passengers welcomed by music, dance

HAVANA - Greeted with rum drinks and salsa dancers, the first passengers to cruise from the U.S. to Cuba in nearly 40 years streamed Monday … Full story    
Published:  May 3, 2016

Senator: Billboards tracking phone data may violate citizens’ privacy rights

NEW YORK - A U.S. senator is calling for a federal investigation into an outdoor advertising company's latest effort to target billboard ads to specific … Full story    
Published:  May 2, 2016

Trump protests break out in Calif.

BURLINGAME, Calif. - Hundreds of rowdy protesters broke through barricades and threw eggs at police Friday outside a hotel where Donald Trump addressed the state's … Full story    
Published:  April 30, 2016

Violence kills more than 200 in Aleppo

DAMASCUS, Syria - The Syrian army and rebels unleashed deadly new attacks on each other Friday in Aleppo, with insurgents shelling a mosque during weekly … Full story    
Published:  April 30, 2016

Oil-rig helicopter crash in Norway kills 13

COPENHAGEN, Denmark - A helicopter carrying Statoil workers from an offshore rig in the North Sea crashed Friday on an island off western Norway, killing … Full story    
Published:  April 30, 2016