Peppe brings presidential campaign to Nashua

NASHUA – “I think the country is at a critical moment in our history where we need somebody as president that can better relate to the everyday lives of regular folks,” Republican presidential hopeful James Peppe said Thursday morning outside the Dion Center at Rivier University.

With his grassroots effort to start from the bottom and build his way to the Oval Office, the Republican took his campaign to younger voters, greeting students and teachers as they walked around campus.

Peppe, a Yale graduate who currently resides in Texas, said he plans to spend the early parts of his campaign meeting Americans in New Hampshire and Iowa, hoping he will be able to build enough support to win both of those early states and catapult him ahead of other presidential contenders.

A self-described regular guy, Peppe said he relates to the struggles of the average American. Unlike other candidates who have spent their careers in the political aren, he said he can understand the average American who is one or two paychecks away from being in real financial trouble.

“The country needs somebody who better understands the vast majority of us who, frankly, don’t have a lot of time for politics and are just trying to raise their families, keep their jobs and get by,” he said. “We need a president who understands that kind of thing better, and can help bring people together across the bipartisan divide.”

As someone who is neither a celebrity or professional politician, Peppe said he can see a lot of the more common sense resolutions to many of the issues that divide the country. On issues like healthcare and immigration, he believes a lot of Americans already agree on solutions and are willing to work them out, but the current system in place keeps solutions from being made.

With healthcare, Peppe said the system in place – the Afordable Care Act – does not necessarily need to be taken down, and that he, like many Americans, might prefer to fix it instead of throw it out entirely.

“I am a Republican, but I don’t think that we need to repeal Obamacare,” Peppe said on the matter. “I think that we need to acknowledge that Americans need help with healthcare and we need to sort that out.”

“I think that most Americans can come to the solution that we can fix the system without having to tear down the current one,” he added.

Peppe said one of his other key platform is dealing with immigration, which he believes is a very sensitive topic. While expressing the importance of securing the country’s borders, he also voiced support for staying open to immigrants willing to use the proper channels to get into the United States.

“It doesn’t make any sense that people can come and go without any type of rules and regulations – in any country, not just ours,” he said. “So we need to secure the borders. We need to do that in a way where people who want to come understand that we want them to come.”

While condemning President Trump’s demonization of immigrants, Peppe said if he is elected. he will make sure immigrants and those looking to get into the country properly would know that they are welcome.

As his campaign continues, and Peppe rolls through New Hampshire this weekend, making multiple stops, including the Lincoln/Reagan Gala at Murphy’s Taproom at 7 p.m. in Bedford today and multiple stops in Manchester on Saturday, he hopes to build on his grassroots effort.

Peppe said he plans to come back to Nashua in two or three weeks as he vigorously campaigns in the Granite State and Iowa.

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