Parenting workshop returning to Nashua

NASHUA – New Hampshire Teen Institute, an organization with a mission of empowering teens to lead healthy lifestyles and create stronger communities through community-focused prevention and leadership workshops, is doing exactly as stated in its mission statement as it will be returning to Nashua to offer a free parent / caregiver workshop series.

New Hampshire Teen Institute has been offering leadership programs for teens and parents for about a year and a half. The workshop, Staying Connected with Your Teen, is a free 10-hour workshop for parents, grandparents, foster parents and any other caregiver of teenagers to attend. There will be five consecutive sessions starting May 9 from 6-8 p.m. at the Arlington Street Community Center. In addition, Southern New Hampshire Health will be providing a free meal before the meetings start.

As noted by New Hampshire Teen Institute, this workshop is designed to increase communication skills, improve family management and strengthen family bonds.

The organization states on its website, “Parent involvement is critical in reducing or preventing adolescent participation in high risk behaviors. But how do parents influence their children positively during adolescence – a time of increased independence and time spent with peers?”

New Hampshire Teen Institute also notes that the Staying Connected with Your Teen also works to address substance misuse prevention, violence prevention and positive character development.

The class is targeted to parents/ caregivers of 11-17 year olds.

Topics of the session will include: relating to your teen, communication and managing conflict, working with your family to solve problems, involving your teen and giving a voice and supervising without invading.

The Staying Connected with Your Teen aims to promote bonding and resilience, offers opportunities for youth involvement, builds skills to develop healthy behavior and provides recognition for skill-building efforts.

Nashua Prevention Coalition Coordinator Kameo Chasse said of the program, “It’s not only a great program for parents or caregivers who might be struggling with teens, it also allows caregivers to connect with each other. It’s a fantastic way to help caregivers realize they’re not alone.”

The class is limited to 15 participants solely because coordinators want to keep it an intimate setting where every can share, though Chasse said they keep a wait list for the future.

“I think it’s beneficial to parents. Sometimes you feel alone and in today’s society there are many other barriers challenges to parenting, especially with technology and so it allows parents and caregivers to come to a judgement free zone and share their stories and concerns and have open conversation with (New Hampshire Teen Institute Parent Education Coordinator Julia Yerkes) and other participants so that they can bring meaningful things home and are happy in their home,” Chasse said.

Parents who are interested can contact Julia Yerkes for more information and to register, at or 978-226-3322.