Two schools earn diversity distinction

NASHUA – Two local high schools in Nashua have been recognized for female diversity in AP Computer Science, Bishop Guertin High School and Nashua High School South.

The College Board honored schools who reached 50 percent or higher female representation in either AP Computer Science Principles or AP Computer Science-A, or whose percentage of the female examinees met or exceeded that of the school’s female population in 2018.

In a report from the College Board that listed recipients, it states that out of more than 18,000 secondary schools worldwide offering AP courses, only 685 have achieved this important result. Bishop Guertin High School and Nashua High School South were the only two New Hampshire schools to receive recognition and both were awarded for female representation in AP Computer Science-A. Only 167 schools earned the AP Computer Science Female Diversity Award for AP Computer Science-A.

“We’re honored by this recognition and are proud of our female students studying computer science. As one of only two schools in the state and 167 schools nationally to have earned the AP Computer Science Female Diversity Award for AP Computer Science-A, Bishop Guertin continues to set itself apart in preparing our students for college and for life,” Bishop Guertin Principal Jason Strniste said.

Chair of the Department of Computer Science Tom Indelicato said the course focuses on a broad range of topics and takes into consideration the societal impact of computing. He said there is also a focus on how computing can be used to better society. Indelicato teaches the computer science courses, along with Alfred Thompson. Indelicato said he and Thompson make computing a welcome and opening place for all our students, though said he said both are well aware of the imbalance of male to females in the field.

Nashua High School South’s AP Computer Science-A also follows the College Board standards and teaches advanced data structures within the JAVA programming language, along with text processing, simulation, dynamic memory allocation, algorithms, analysis programming and other concepts.

South also offers a Java Programming Course which helps students explore programming methods and algorithms. Students learn to why Java is necessary for enhancing dynamic web pages, modern business programs, and video game production. This course builds a foundation for AP Computer Science-A.

The College Board AP Computer Science Female Diversity Award took into consideration female participation in the two AP Computer Science courses for 2018.