Lyndeborough town officials: Don’t plow snow into the road

LYNDEBOROUGH – Some people are plowing snow into the roads, leaving piles of snow across the travel lane causing a hazard for both residents and town vehicles. On Wednesday, Jan. 30, selectmen again reminded residents there is an ordinance concerning plowing driveways.

“They are pushing the snow across the road leaving ridges,” Chairman Fred Douglas said. “Or piles of snow. It’s probably ignorance (of the ordinance) on the part of the homeowner.” He noted that many owners aren’t home to plow and hire someone else.

It was agreed warnings should be given first.

In other business, the board decided to ask Building Inspector Leo Trudeau to “monitor lots in current use that claim the recreational designation but are posting the land.”

“Those people are getting significant tax breaks,” Douglas said, adding that most of the land in current use is woodlots that are open to hunting.

“Current Use” designation allows a parcel of land to be taxed as it is currently being used, not at what it could be used for. There are several levels of assessment with “open recreational” offering the biggest savings. Under that designation, the land is open for public recreation, including hunting and fishing, although motorized vehicles can be excluded.