An icy rescue: First responders come to aid of woman along Nashua River

Telegraph photo by Adam URquhart First responders rally together behind the Nashua Public Library Tuesday afternoon to pull a female up an embankment along the Nashua River after she slid down and found herself stuck. Officials set up a hauling system, and using a life ring, pulled her to safety.

NASHUA – First responders acted quickly Tuesday afternoon when a female slipped down an embankment behind the Nashua Public Library, leaving her trapped along the Nashua River.

Deputy Chief Glen MacDonald with Nashua Fire Rescue said they received a call at 3:04 p.m. for a water rescue at the end of Pearson Avenue. MacDonald also said the rescue went quickly, and officials were leaving the area within 20 minutes of arrival, transporting the female to Southern New Hampshire Medical Center.

“A female had slipped down the embankment toward the river,” MacDonald said. “She was out of the water when we got there. We assisted the police with getting a life ring to her and set up a hauling system to get her up the embankment.”

A firefighter lowered himself down a rope to do a patient assessment and apply a harness on the female, officials said.

After first responders hauled her up the slippery, snow-covered embankment, she was immediately placed on a stretcher and wheeled to a a nearby ambulance.

The female was transported to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries, and MacDonald was unsure whether or not she ended up in the water.

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