Old goods, new location for area business

MILFORD – Jodi Kincaid turned a hobby into a career path in just a matter of months by opening Vinterest Antiques and Flips.

Located at 326 Nashua St. in Milford, her facility features more than 9,000 square feet for the various items she receives from local antiques dealers and co-signers.

She originally got her start back in March, but when this location in her hometown became available in May, she jumped at the opportunity. Previously, she bought Vintage Whimsey & Co. from the previous owners. When she relocated, she decided to change the name to Vinterest. However, Kincaid admits she is still new to the industry, and actually only got into antiques a couple years ago while getting inspiration from craft ideas online on Pinterest. She then began making signs from old, scrap wood from barns, and refinishing furniture.

“I started picking and refinishing furniture, and this was like two years ago, and my husband was like, you need to get this stuff out of the garage,” Kincaid said.

At this point, her garage was becoming cluttered with various pieces of furniture and such. Therefore, she did something about it, and began renting different booths in the area to sell her items. Additionally, she said there was a farm up the road from her home that has a barn with a side that is falling down. She asked the owner to buy a couple pieces of wood from the barn for her signs. Since the owner was already planning on tearing it down, she received the wood for free and cut it into planks to make her signs. However, she has not made many signs recently.

Nevertheless, items from different artists, woodworkers and craftspeople line the inside of her shop, which was once a residential property years ago that her parents called home at one point in time.

“My parents are from Vermont and they moved to Milford and into this house in the front room, and it was two apartments and they lived on one side,” Kincaid said.

Kincaid was not yet born during this time, and never got a chance to live in that home. However, she remembers seeing a family picture taken in the home while growing up as a child.

“I was jealous my whole childhood because I wasn’t in that picture,” Kincaid said.

However, she now finds herself in that same building years later, expanding her new business. She opened the doors of Vinterest on July 14. Now having a larger facility, she has added many antiques dealers to her shop. When she took over Whimsey, she had just four dealers.

“I went from four dealers to 60 in just a few months,” Kincaid said.

Now, with more than 60 local dealers, and about 20 local co-signers, she plans to continue to grow her business in 2019 by partnering with another woman in the antiques industry who moved to New Hampshire from Mississippi a few years ago. That partner is Kristi Baker, of The Nub & Quill, and she makes leather-bound books that are on display inside Kincaid’s shop.

“We just had a meeting with a lawyer yesterday (Thursday) to start the whole process,” Kincaid said. “On Feb. 1, I’ll probably have a partner.”

So, with that new partner comes new plans moving forward for Vinterest, which include, a new sign as well as renovations.

Adam Urquhart can be reached at 594-1206, or at aurquhart@nashuatelegraph.com.