Musicians perform to inspire students

NASHUA — A group of Harvard-Radcliffe Orchestra musicians stopped by the Amherst Street Elementary School last month to inspire the youth through music. Sinfonietta Strings of Greater Nashua hosted these Harvard College musicians who came to perform their 21st Century After School program Nov. 9 for kids who attentively listened inside the gymnasium, Nov. 9. Some of the musicians play in Sinfonietta while others do not. The group includes, Patrick Sanguineti, Avril Saavedra, Danielle Davis, Angela Eichhorst, Emily Spector, Brandon Duffy, Jenny Long and Ran Bi.

Sinfonietta is a program for social change in partnership with the Nashua School District and United Way of Greater Nashua. The organization brought these students before the youth for the program, which started with a demonstration of winds, brass and strings instruments. It was followed by solos and duets, as well as selections by the entire ensemble. After their performance, the students eagerly asked the musicians questions about how much practicing is necessary and how one selects an instrument.