Manchester jeweler helping raise money

NASHUA – Holidays are about enjoying the presence of loved ones, good food and of course, presents. It’s a time to be thankful.

However, some may see the holidays as a stressful time – a time to pick up extra shifts or spend less money on food and clothes to make sure there is enough cash to buy gifts.

The Telegraph and the United Way of Greater Nashua have once again teamed up to help needy families this holiday season via the Santa Fund. Now, officials at Bellman Jewelers in Manchester are offering their assistance.

Bellman Jewelers Graduate Gemologist Michelle Krall, who runs the estate side of Bellman Jewelers, said the business does its best to help during the holiday season. The store now features a promotion through which 10 percent of its proceeds from sales of estate and consignment items will benefit Santa Fund 2018.

“I am very excited to have this opportunity and to partner up with Mike (Apfelberg, United Way president) on an idea where people can kill two birds with one stone. People like to be philanthropic during the holidays. They can get a gift for someone and give back at the same time,” Krall said.

This is Krall’s first time partnering with the United Way. Krall met Apfelberg during a Business Networking International class.

“I had reached out to Mike and we came up with this idea for having this during the holiday season. I was really excited to partner up,” Krall said.

The Santa Fund raises money from the community, along with donations of toys, for the benefit of low-income families during the holidays. Apfelberg said the money is used to fund the holiday programs in SHARE Outreach, Front Door Agency and The Salvation Army. He said clients and families from the community who sign up can get toys and gift cards for free.

“Some have had to sacrifice food, clothing, and rent in the process,” Apfelberg said. “There’s a lot of pressure on them to be there for the kids during the holidays. This makes it possible for parents to do that.”

Apfelberg said the United Way is the fundraising wing of the Santa Fund. Donations come in through online portal donations, cash and checks. Organizers then distribute the funds among the three agencies.

“We’re incredibly thankful for Bellman Jewelers and their generosity of donating 10 percent of proceeds to the Santa Fund. Obviously, Christmas is their busiest time of year. They are very remarkable,” Apfelberg said.

Overall, Apfelberg said this partnership will be extremely beneficial.

“There are 11 communities that are supported,” Apfelberg said. “You want your kids to be happy and have something nice. This gives people options.”