Judge jails Nashua man

Citing safety concerns

Staff photo by Dean Shalhoup Kevin Olena listens to his lawyer, Attorney Sarah Amorin, during his arraignment Monday on several charges stemming from allegations he violated court orders and burglarized a woman's house. He was ordered held on preventive detention.

NASHUA – All Kevin Olena Jr. wanted to do, he told police and a Superior Court judge Monday, was to say “hi” and chat a little with a woman he knows when he allegedly went to her residence in violation of a court order and his bail conditions.

While Olena never threatened to harm the woman or her son, police said in their reports, the fact he allegedly let himself into her home then refused her multiple requests that he leave scared her enough that she called police.

Olena, 33, of 4 Williams Court, was subsequently taken into custody by officers who responded Friday morning to the woman’s Nashua home.

He was arraigned Monday in Hillsborough County Superior Court-South on one felony and five misdemeanor charges stemming from the incident. While Judge Jacalyn Colburn told Olena she “appreciates that you say you didn’t go there to hurt anyone,” she found that releasing him on straight personal recognizance bail would present a danger to the woman, her son, the community and to Olena himself.

Colburn ordered that he continue to be held on preventive detention at Valley Street jail, pending his next court appearance, which is an evidentiary hearing scheduled for Friday in the Nashua court.

The charges police lodged against Olena after his arrest include one felony count of burglary, accusing him of unlawfully entering the woman’s home; and one count each of violating a protective order issued in February; stalking – domestic violence and breach of bail, for violating a no-contact order issued Nov. 19; resisting arrest or detention, for allegedly refusing to submit to arrest by police; and criminal mischief, for allegedly breaking an officer’s Oakley Gascan sunglasses, according to the charging documents.

Sarah Amorin, a public defender who represented Olena on Monday, told Colburn he has been getting treatment at New Hampshire Hospital, and denied he would present a threat to himself or others if released.

Despite struggling with mental health issues, Amorin said, Olena has a full-time job and an apartment in Nashua, which he “is worried about losing.”

She pointed out that Olena “wishes no harm whatsoever to his family.”

But Assistant County Attorney Cassie Devine vehemently disagreed with the suggestion that Olena would not present a danger to the woman if he was released.

“I think it’s absolutely ludicrous to say he’s not a danger,” Devine said as she rose from her chair at the prosecutors table.

“He’s assaulted (the woman); he’s allegedly assaulted (her son) in the past. He’s got a history of violating court orders and stalking,” she said.

The woman, Devine added, “is afraid of (Olena). She wants him held. He should not be out and about.”

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