Democrat ‘blue wave’ drenches Nashua

NASHUA – A Democratic “blue wave” – which helped the national party claim a majority of seats in the U.S. House of Representatives – also sank Gate City Republicans on Election Day, as vote totals show all 27 New Hampshire state House members from Nashua will now be Democrats.

Before the Tuesday general election, the party split among Nashua state representatives was 17 Democrats and 10 Republicans.

A jubilant Manny Espitia, who serves as executive director of the Nashua Democratic Committee, worked alongside volunteers on Wednesday to clean out the party’s headquarters on Main Street.

“It’s a big deal. We’re incredibly proud of it,” Espitia, himself one of the Democratic House winners, said.

Nashua House Seats

Voters in each of the city’s nine wards select three representatives to serve in the 400-seat New Hampshire House. Though the candidates are divided by party on the ballot, a voter must individually select three separate choices. The top three finishers by ward are elected.

Results provided by the City Clerk’s Office show the results as:

Ward 1 — Democrats Jan Schmidt, William Bordy and Bruce Cohen defeated Republicans Elizabeth Ferreira, Tom Lanzara and Carl Seidel.

Ward 2 — Democrats Paul R. Bergeron, Ray Newman and Sue Newman bested Republicans Michael Balboni and Michael McCarthy.

Ward 3 — Democrats Sherry Dutzy, Patricia Klee and Suzanne Vail defeated Republicans Doris Hohensee, Mariellen MacKay and Lisa Scontsas.

Ward 4 — Democrats David Cote, Fred Davis Jr. and Manny Espitia were uncontested on the ballot.

Ward 5 — Democrats Allison Nutting-Wong, Michael Pedersen and Dan Toomey defeated Republicans Paula Johnson, Di Lothrop and Frank Moore.

Ward 6 — Democrats Ken Gidge, Mark King and Fran Nutter-Upham bested lone Republican candidate Kevin Scully.

Ward 7 — Democrats Greg Indruk, Catherine Sofikitis and Deb Stevens received more votes than Republicans Dee Hogan and Donald Whalen.

Ward 8 — Democrats Skip Cleaver, Latha Mangipudi and Laura Damphousse Telerski defeated Republicans Paul Hutsteiner, Michael Mader and Peter Silva.

Ward 9 — Democrats Linda Harriott-Gathright, Marty Jack, Michael O’Brien Sr. won against Republicans Iang Jeon, Paula Desjardins Moran and Bill Ohm.

N.H. House Seats Outside Nashua

Republicans faired slightly better outside the Nashua city limits. In District 22, which includes Amherst, Democrats Megan Murray and Julie Radhakrishnan won two of the three available seats. The third seat remained too close to call late Wednesday, as Republican Reed Panasiti maintained a slight lead over Democrat Daniel Veilleux.

In District 26, which includes Brookline, Republican Jack Flanagan is the winner in one of two available seats. The other remains too close to call, with Democrat Brett Hall holding a slight lead against Republican John Lewicke.

For two House seats in District 27, which includes Hollis, Democrat Michelle St. John and Republican Jim Belanger are the winners.

In District 40, Democrat Kat McGhee claimed the one available position.

For District 23, which includes Milford, the four winners included Democrats Joelle Martin, Peter Petrigno and Paul Dargie, along with Republican Charlie Burns.

Despite Nashua’s clear turn to the Democrats, Hudson remains a Republican stronghold. All 11 members elected to represent Hudson in the state House are GOP members: Andrew Renzullo, Kim Rice, Jordan Ulery, James Whittemore, Bob Greene, Alicia Lekas, Tony Lekas, Hershel Nunez, Lynne Ober, Russell Ober and Andrew Prout.

Finally, preliminary results in Merrimack showed a split ticket, with four Republicans and four Democrats elected to serve. Republican winners include Bob L’Heureux, Jeanine Notter, Dick Barry and Dick Hinch. Democrats elected in Merrimack include Rosemarie Rung, Nancy Murphy, Wendy Thomas and Kathryn Stack.