Bloomberg talks upcoming election, sparks speculation

NASHUA – Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg stressed the importance of voting in the upcoming midterm election, while sparking speculation about his 2020 presidential aspirations during a visit to Nashua Saturday morning.

“We’re about to face the biggest test of our political strength on Nov. 6, and the only way to pass it is to get people to the polls,” he said.

Bloomberg, who recently switched to the Democrat Party, stood alongside six Moms Demand Actions volunteers who are running for office in the New Hampshire State House, encouraging common sense gun laws and urging Democrats to take control.

While there’s been speculation that Bloomberg may run for president in 2020, right now he remains focused on Nov. 6.

John Feinblatt, president of Mayors Against Illegal Guns and a senior advisor to former NYC chief executive, said that while meeting with those six “courageous moms,” the mothers got one thing wrong during the conversation.

“They were thanking us, but we were here to thank you,” Feinblatt said.

Bloomberg praised them for their courage to do what’s right, to persevere and to take on tough fights before detailing how in a similar fashion that he never backed away from fights that really matter to him.

Feinblatt said when political leaders in Washington, D.C., were running away from gun safety, Bloomberg looked at creating a new class of political leaders, starting with mayors.

“When everybody else said we will never match the NRA’s ability to mobilize, Mike said, ‘let’s join forces with Shannon Watts (founder of Moms Demand Action) and show the NRA what happens when you mess with moms,'” Feinblatt said.

Many mothers, representing their cause by wearing red Moms Demand Action T-shirts, came together in the third floor auditorium of Nashua City Hall to support Bloomberg and his message on common-sense gun laws.

Growing up in Medford, Massachusetts, Bloomberg, although a New Yorker, remembers his times vacationing in the Granite State.

“In New Hampshire, you’re used to the whole country watching what happens here,” Bloomberg said. “This is a bellwether state, and on election day, you have a chance to show the whole country that candidates who bow down to the NRA can be defeated.”

Saturday marked 24 days until the November election, and Nashua Mayor Jim Donchess reminded out-of-towners of one key fact from decades ago by pointing to the bust of former President John F. Kennedy in from of City Hall.

“JFK, of course, did his first campaign stop when he was running for president right out here in front of City Hall,” Donchess said. “Kind of an interesting fact, I think, for Mayor Bloomberg.”

Bloomberg provided two additional messages on Saturday, a thank-you to those volunteering with the Moms organization, and a reminder to cast a ballot in November that will keep families, communities and the country safe.

He said the idea that the gun lobby can’t be beat may have been true at one time; however, he thinks that’s not true anymore. He said he has never seen more energy behind the movement than right now.

“Keep the America that we know and love moving forward and marching toward a more perfect union that is safer and stronger for all,” Bloomberg said.

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