Hudson parents reach deal after son’s overdose death investigation

NASHUA – Pauline Rando, the Hudson woman charged, along with her husband, with hiding a cell phone from police investigating the overdose death of their son last year, has acknowledged that “it would have been preferable for her” to tell police where the phone was, according to an agreement reached in the case.

Rando, 61, also stated in the agreement that she “regrets her inability to be more forthcoming” during the police investigation.

The statements are among the five conditions spelled out in the one-page agreement that, barring any breach of the terms, will result in the dismissal of the two charges – falsifying physical evidence and obstructing government administration – filed against her in early January.

Also charged at the same time, and with the same offenses, was her husband, Robert Rando, 64, whose case took a slightly different turn but also has been settled.

Police said at the time of the parents’ arrest “both withheld and tampered with evidence” while police were investigating the death of their 31-year-old son, Bryan Rando.

Indications were he died of a drug overdose, but it’s not known whether an official ruling has been released.

The agreement in Pauline Rando’s case states that if she remains on good behavior, meaning she commits no serious crimes or major motor vehicle violations for six months, her charges will be dismissed.

It also states that if Rando meets those conditions, prosecutors will not bring forth any other criminal charges related to the incident.

Robert Rando, meanwhile, reached a plea deal in which he agreed to plead guilty to the misdemeanor count of obstruction of government administration in exchange for a six-month term in jail, all suspended for two years.

He also agreed to pay restitution to the Hudson Police Department “for any expenses” it incurred during the investigation and to write a letter of apology to Detective Alan Marcotte, the order states.

Prosecutors dismissed the felony charge of falsifying physical evidence as part of the agreement.

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