Primary Perspectives

Merrimack residents stake out the front entrance of James Mastricola Upper Elementary School campaigning for their picks during the Tuesday New Hampshire primary.

NASHUA – Voters cited multiple reasons for heading to the polls Tuesday to participate in the 2018 New Hampshire primary election.

While some were out doing a bit of last-minute campaigning for their top picks, others filtered through the polling locations to complete their civic responsibility.

“I think it’s always important to exercise my right to vote,” Nashua voter Laurie Gordy said. “There wasn’t a lot of choices in the Democratic primary, which is how I voted, but I wanted to come out anyway to continue to participate.”

Gordy said she is passionate about making sure that nonprofit agencies will continue receiving the support they require, in addition to seeing that education needs are met.

“I think there’s more we could be doing in the state to improve our support for K-12, and also higher education,” Gordy said.

While some voters came out to vote in favor of candidates with whom they share similar views, others came out to just do their part. Tim O’Keefe said he hit the polls Tuesday to do his civic responsibility. On the other hand, Maegan Teichman came out to change her voter registration after recently moving.

“I probably wouldn’t have come out if I didn’t already have to change my registration, anyway,” Teichman said. “I figured I’d prepare for further down the line. These are the people that actually vote for higher up people.”

Teichman said her voting experience on Tuesday was really easy. Echoing her thoughts, Tiffany Holmes agreed, adding there shouldn’t be any reason not to vote because it is easy. She said voters’ actions Tuesday are going to impact decisions to be made in the near future.

“If we want change, it has to happen here at the polls, so we start today,” Holmes said.

William Duffy, a pro-Second Amendment voter, said his polling location wasn’t very busy when he left at about 6 p.m. Tuesday evening. However, he hopes those who did come through during the day to cast their votes did a little research ahead of time.

“I think you need to do a little research and pick the person you like and get out there and do something about it,” Duffy said.

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