Prosecutors staying in Dusty Old Cars case

NASHUA – Dusty Old Cars owner Stephan Condodemetraky will not get the two prosecutors from the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office removed his case, as he wanted.

Hillsborough Superior Court Judge Charles Temple ruled the prosecutors will not be disqualified from the case. Condodemetraky wanted James Boffetti, the chief of the Consumer Affairs Bureau of the AG’s Office, and Assistant Attorney General John Garrighan taken off the case because of their alleged bias against Condodemetraky, as well as their involvement with witness Christopher Haes.

Haes is a key state witness in more than 30 criminal charges brought against Condodemetraky. Haes was employed at Dusty Old Cars, and removed computers with financial information from the business as the investigation heated up. Haes has received immunity to testify in the case. Condodemetraky claims Boffetti and Garrighan witnessed Haes lie about the computers during his initial talks with investigators.

Condodemetraky also claims in his court filings that Boffetti and Garrighan blocked an arrangement for Condodemetraky to financially settle with angry customers in order to pursue the criminal case.

Boffetti has already announced he is leaving the case to instead focus on the state’s lawsuit against opioid manufacturer, Purdue Pharma. He is being replaced by Assistant Attorney General Greg Albert. The trial is scheduled to begin on Sept. 17 in Nashua. It is the first of three expected criminal trials involving Condodemetraky.

In Nashua, Condodemetraky is facing seven felony theft charges for allegedly “recklessly” failing to pay seven people the net proceeds of consignment sales they were owed. In the Rockingham Superior Court in Brentwood, Condodemetraky faces four counts, three alleging theft by deception, and one alleging theft by unauthorized taking. That case is still slated for a Dec. 3 trial. Condodemetraky is facing 20 felonies in the Merrimack Superior Court in Concord; one count of witness tampering, nine counts of forgery and 10 counts of title application fraud. That trial has not yet been scheduled.

Condodemetraky is accused of regularly keeping the proceeds from the consignment sales without paying the owner of the vehicle. He sometimes allegedly paid a fraction of the net sales price, after charging for what the customers said were bogus fees and phantom repairs. He is also accused of forging titles on cars, forging signatures, and operating the business in the manner of a Ponzi scheme.

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