Nashua Prevention Coalition awarded $625,000 grant from federal agency

NASHUA – The Nashua Prevention Coalition will continue its battle against the opioid epidemic for another five years, thanks to a $625,000 grant from the U.S. Office of National Drug Control Policy, in cooperation with the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

The coalition is a fiscal agency of the United Way of Greater Nashua. This grant is the subsequent award to the five-year grant that ends in September, so the additional funds allow the coalition to continue its mission: to prevent and reduce substance use in youth by increasing education, awareness, and community involvement throughout Nashua.

“Receiving this next five years of funding not only validates the great work that the coalition has been doing to prevent youth substance misuse, but also ensures the mission will continue to be at the forefront of the Nashua community,” coalition Director Janet Valuk said.

“It is encouraging to know this Drug-Free Communities Grant will allow the Nashua Prevention Coalition to continue the important work it’s doing in our community – helping Nashua’s young people develop the resilience and life skills needed to live healthy, drug-free lives,” Mayor Jim Donchess added.

Many coalition initiatives will continue, such as the Lock It Up Campaign, Youth Collaborative, Red Ribbon Week, as well as additional collaborations with local and state partners.

Officials said coalition Coordinator Kameo Chasse started on the job a year ago, working to engage and energize the coalition and other community groups. Those involved include: law enforcement, youth organizations, schools, parents, youth, health care professionals, churches, government, civic organizations and businesses.

“With the continued recognition, funding, and validation by a national organization, I am ecstatic that this great group of people can continue its work in keeping our youth substance free,” Steering Committee Member Dr. Albee Budnitz said.

More information about the coalition can be found online at The coalition hopes to gain more volunteers and community partners to expand and strengthen its work in the community.

“United Way is delighted to be a partner in the tremendous work of the prevention coalition. As fiscal agent, we see the coalition’s work as highly aligned with our mission of supporting initiatives which promote health in our community,” United Way of Greater Nashua President Mike Apfelberg said. “Congratulations to Jan, Kameo, and all of the many coalition partners in the work you are doing and will continue to do.”